Located in Middle Island, NY, Team 564 is composed of students from Longwood Senior High School in grades 9 – 12 in the Longwood Central School District. Originating in 2001, our team’s purpose is to establish a school-based program to overall enhance our members’ knowledge of scientific, mathematical, and technical areas through practical application. Equally important, this program promotes teamwork and further improves cooperative learning situations; to bring together the community and school in a pedagogical atmosphere.


FIRST stands for “For inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”. This program was set up to help students appreciate science and technology and allow them to explore careers that are available to them. FIRST sponsors many regional competitions through out the world. All of the regional competitions will then conclude with one national competition held in April of each year.

Sub Teams

Mechanics – Responsible for design and build of chassis, manipulator and other design process. They must prototype, design and build the physical robot for the challenge presented. Their design must meet the challenge presented and follow a strict set of rules presented by FIRST.

Electronics – Responsible for wiring the team and setting up, testing and fixing the electronics systems on the robot. They will communicate with the mechanics and the programming teams to express needs and meet the electronic demands of each years design.

Business – Responsible for the financial and philanthropic activities of the team. Has the goal of supporting the team financially as well as helping to promote STEM throughout the district. This team is responsible for submission of Awards and Social Media communication by the team.

Pneumatic – The robot will require manipulation using Pneumatics(air) each year. This sub team is responsible for the compressor, air tanks, cylinders, solenoids and creating a system where air can be used on the robot for manipulation.

Programming – Responsible for Coding the Robot each year. Our programming team works with the Java programming language and WPLI Libraries to program our robot. Additionally we are responsible for programming Python for offboard vision calculations and program scouting applications and website design.

Scouting – Responsible for both in season application design and during competition scouting. They will design/improve our application for scouting teams based on the RFID data from Zebra MotionWorks technology. This will include the development of match prediction software and helping the Drive Team with strategy decisions during competitions.

Drive Team – Consisting of Driver, Operator, Human Player, Technician and Drive Coach. This team operates the robot and controls game pieces during competition. The Driver is responsible for moving the robot during matches, the Operator works the arm or other manipulator during matches. The Human player feeds game pieces to the robots during matches. The Technician is ready to assist with on field repairs and robot transportation and the Drive Coach assists with strategy on the field during matches.